Last straws

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Was it bakayoko chasing down from behind and stealing the ball from Jesus at full sprint?
Was it Smalling having more agility and acceleration then SIF Wilson?
Was it otamendi going faster then Lozano at a right angle and stealing the ball from an impossible angle?
Was it me happening to miss the target when I had an empty net both times?
No. It was when I finally got some icons and the can’t score a shot plus both goals the opponent score where the most EAIDS bs ever.
My goalie interpreted L2 away from the goal to shoot an own goal? You give him a penalty when a cpu player clips him and then my goalie jumps over a ball to the far corner? Like how is that even possible, usually he doesn’t reach so far now he can jump past the goal post?
Van hasten can’t hit the target, neither can Ronaldino? So stupid. #lastfifa


  • CoachDavio
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    So I used the icons. They sucked compared to my sweat BpL team. Won 1/3 the games I usually do. It cost me monthly rewards.
    Feel like such a dupe. I took the time and coins to get those playershoping for a boost. Instead it just gave me harder opponents and the craziest EAids I ever seen. Why does a ground pass to Matthuus turn into him booting it to the opposing striker in the box. From midfield? Makes no sense and gives me no incentive to work to get other icons.
    Dramatic moments suck
  • sixstring
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    Happening 2 loads of players m8 , why bother buying IF players , bought Aub 88 rated Striker cant out pace anyone on legendary same with Lozano .so EA have 2 tiers of legendary as when I play totw I can win but on SB its more often loose .FIX THE **** GAME EA
  • Mdx
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    Oh no you spoke out.
    Eas special agency gonna come after u now.
    Destroy ur phone, go to a cabin in the woods and wait for it all to blow over.
  • CoachDavio
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    I don’t mind losing. Clearly or I would have quit years ago. But BS in game mechanics like the ball turning to flubber at an iCOns feet leading directly to a goal...
  • RayS
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    I need to upload a clip where in the replay you can see me fully powering up a clearance with Bailly in front of my goal... boal goes literally 1 foot and then the opponent taps in. Madness
  • Truthurts
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    This is caused by EA's love of Dramatic Moments
  • RayS
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