What do you guys do against zig-zag one-two massacres?

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Played one dude who did this today and he wrecked me to bits with this. Lost 7-0. Not being salty or exaggerating but I can’t even remember him playing one pass in my half that wasn’t LB+A. I‘m not the best at defending, I have to admit but 7 goals with the exact same trick each time is too much lol.

How do you guys defend this? Defensive or sth? I usually play balanced and with 65 aggression. Defensive line is:
A.Sandro Chiellini Benatia SIF Florenzi
Looking some advice besides git gud which I already know.


  • Shane
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    Cut of passing lanes and pressure the player on the ball, or just jockey and be patient
  • SergiuLive
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    Make the space between the midfielders and defenders smaller so he can't pass there. A formation with 2 CDMs that are set to stay back usually helps.
    Highering the pressure also might help since it pushes the backline closer to the midfield, but you might be exposed on through balls.
    Lowering the aggression or setting the team width to a higher value will keep your back line on a line and not press the ball carier. Again that might be or might not be what you want.

    Anyway try some different settings to see if the team responds how you like.
  • Finesse_4days
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    Reduce aggression to 40 and use a solid CDM like Matuidi on stay back while attacking instructions.
  • BigBadAl696
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    Try not to defend with your cbs use your cdm or cm so to keep your cbs in position also don't commit to challenges in hope, timing and patience is key jockey or keep with the attacker good players can see challenges coming and then your defence is wide open 9 out 10 times
  • BcfcDale88
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    Stop running once I know there’s nothing I can do

    Leave it to fate.
  • BigBadAl696
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    BcfcDale88 wrote: »
    Stop running once I know there’s nothing I can do

    Leave it to fate.

    Not as daft as it sounds
  • Hornerglow
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    Thanks guys, really nice suggestions! Appreciate it. Will try some of these things tonight.
  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    If it's someone really good at doing it, it can be so hard to stop. I go to counter attack and never touch the 2nd defender button. That only causes more problems.
  • TwoZebras
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    Dembele is the worst for this. His dribbling is just so good when he's running. I just stay back and hope for the best
  • Blarix
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    Your aggression is way too high. A.I will run out of formations to stop the attacks. Lower it to 45 or something. Pressure 40, that way he can't ping it around you and score
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