Custom Formations in Pro Clubs.

Is it possible to move and change the position/role of individual players while choosing the formation in Pro Clubs? (I don't mean during the match, but in the lobby, as in to change it permantly).

It's annoying how some of my favourite formations don't offer the positions I play (like having only CAMs or CDMs in 4-2-3-1 but no regular CMs).


  • They got rid of this in Pro Clubs a few years ago when players created formations that were basically 9-1-0 and set ultra defensive (before park the bus existed).

    Once again, sad defensive teams ruining the game.
  • So would my stats at least stay the same if I for instance play a CDM player in a CM or CAM position?
  • They could at let you set an instruction to particular positions, such as to have a midfielder sit deep, or advance forward etc, and different settings for when your attacking or defending.
    This I can remember in other game modes of fast fifa releases.
  • They should add player instructions for cpu,like in fut.
  • lll GUVNOR lll
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    forget instructions they should simply make the players play thier positions.

    defenders should stay back, way too many times teams smash it over the top after a corner even though you may be set to ultra defensive, defenders do as they please.

    i want defenders to defend, mids can get up and down and strikers up top, sadly though the AI play by boxes on the pitch, if you run into that box they will move out of it so if your trying to help out in defence you cover and your defender runs away....pointless
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