Squad Help.... w/ Pics

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OK.... need some assistance here....


I am having a hard time figuring out who to put into the LCAM spot.

I have tried Dybala, Eriksen, De Bruyne, Silva, Pogba but have been underwhelmed. That spot needs to find the perfect blend of speed and defensive capability. Ideally a 4*+ WF, but negotiable on skills, Left foot or Right foot, not a biggie for me.

I have also tried moving Del Piero back at LCAM and putting in PEA, SIF Wilson, Lacazette, Morata for the other striker. Auba has been solid and productive, but Del Piero is simply lethal there. The others have been OK.

So here is the question..... Who / what would you do here?

Budget: ~$1.5-2M can be made available.
My thoughts: Vidal has been OK, but I think I can get a massive upgrade by moving up to TOTY Kante and I can stick with any of the above mentioned LCAM/ST options. Another option is to pick up 89 Ronaldinho for the LCAM and stick with Vidal in the RCDM slot.

Any other improvements people would suggest.
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