OT: UEFA Nations League

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A New UEFA international tournament:

The draw is today, see below article for details


Whats your opions on this?

I personally think this is quite refreshing for international football, more competitive games of similarly matched teams.

It also adds football to the summers where no Euro's or WC's take place.


  • Jason1986
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    International football is dead outside of major tournaments. I don't think this'll help, faux competitive games for a made up competition.

    But I'm willing to give it a chance. Can't be any worse than the World Cup and Euro's qualifiers.
  • Walsgrove_V2
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    I think its got to be an improvement on the meaningless friendlies

    Will also be better than the qualifiers as the teams will be of a similar standard rather than having teams smashing San Marino 10-0
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