My Biggest Pet Peeve

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Is when idiots pause as soon as the game loads to change their formation. I can’t stand it it gets under my skin so much. Don’t get me started on Mbappe and Martial.


  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    TBH it doesn't bother me....why chemistry even exists in a game where your meant to be building YOUR "ultimate team" is the real problem....just scrap it for goodness sake
  • Scousekingy221
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    I agree with the chem sometimes my team plays better even with low chem just depends on the players u have.
  • Clancy
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    It's really stupid that they've left it like this.

    Make the same chem wether you start with the players in that formation or switch to it in game. Simple.

    Either make the chem system count, or just scrap it. End this annoying workaround of paying to formation switch
  • murazor
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    Well, I ll probably get immune to this. Only managed to play 12 matches last WL. All of them paused before kickoff and change their formations and stuff. They all were really bad at the game anyway. Just sheeps.
  • Djkhalid1921
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    They should remove chemistry all together tbh
  • ppeetteerr11
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    They should remove chemistry all together tbh

    I don’t think they should remove chemistry, however I do think they should incorporate continental links.
  • Baznotsobad76
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    As far as I'm aware, chemistry between players doesn't exist on Fifa Mobile.. Only chemistry for positions... That's how it should be...
  • WS-SCFC-1184
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    I agree really winds me up if u want play 2 strikers up top then start in the formation and take the chem hit. Its so annoying n basically cheating in my eyes just too try get an advantage over others. Its pathetic and shows how desperate this fifa community has become for cheap goals and wins. Yawn
  • Batman_Llanber
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    It is annoying when everygame is a formation chnager, Just Zzzzzzzz
  • Dasco
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    Meh. It used to bother me last year however pretty much anyone who takes WL seriously does it, so I just grew used to it.

    Those who time waste though, that's something that I loathe!
  • ppeetteerr11
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    It is annoying when everygame is a formation chnager, Just Zzzzzzzz

    Division 1 and WL...always pause and change to that damn 4-1-2-1-2 (2).
  • deelio
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    Its funny how all the people complaining have teams worth multiple millions of coins. Sorry I don't want to pay 800k to play hazard at cam when I can pay 200k and switch formation.
  • IxToMxI
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    I love it, makes people so easy to play and you so hard fo play against when you don’t do it, just track their second pass they dunno what to do when they can’t create the triangle
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