sitting on a good amount of packed IF’s, 87/86/85/84/83’s and am wondering if I should sell now or wait until TOTY is over...thoughts?


  • Tuulis
    441 posts Sunday League Hero
    Waiting doesnt harm, I think
  • Chappy
    1309 posts Professional
    You need some solid SBC’s to boost the IF prices.

    If you can be patient, just keep listing them at a higher price, and eventually, they’ll sell.
    6970 posts Big Money Move
    Depends how badly you need coins. If you don’t need them right away then keep and sell as you need. All ratings have a set value due to sbcs so they don’t drop (minus 83/84) but those are low due to market being a little saturated but for the sake of 2/3k on NIFs holding won’t achieve a lot tbh lol IFs may rise but again, market is saturated just like Black Friday and took an age to actually get a tiny raise lol so just hold until you need coins then sell at the time
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