New No Loss Glitch ?

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So I’m playing a game in online seasons.
I am 3-0 up in the 93th minute and my opponent pauses the game. I suspected he was about to back out as he was tilted he lost.
However, he did not and subsequently, the countdown started and I thought the game was about to be resumed. However, after the 3-2-1 countdown, the game was stuck at the “Resuming Match” screen. I waited for a substantial time but nothing happened and the screen kept displaying “Resuming match" and showing the stadium from all angles you could wish.

Anyone else experienced this? It is just so strange that he would pause in the 93th minute and subsequently my game glitches out.


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    This happened to me last week, I was playing somebody in Seasons also.. My opponent paused it in the 10th minute. I think it's a glitch I could still hear the crowd & seethe camera angles of the pitch moving like you mention but it was stuck after the countdown.

    I refused to quit the game as I knew I'd get the loss for sure hoping it would unfreeze.

    My opponent messaged me after 30 minutes of me waiting saying..

    "You crazy wtf you don't quit"

    The game unfroze and the match resumed, I luckily won the game and reported my opponent, I just kept my sound up but it was a waste of 30 minutes my opponent was trying to get a free win.

    It was as if he knew what he was doing and the game unpaused after he messaged me but this has only happened once to me in 4 months so i'm not too worried about it, if it happens again then i'll be annoyed can't stand cheaters.

    But if this happens to you again my advice to you unless you want a loss.. is make sure not to quit! just leave your sound up and don't leave the room.. It will probably unfreeze! luckily for me it did even though I had to wait 30 minutes the guy is a cheat.
  • Either that or don't click resume match and then by chance if the other opponent resumes thinking you're gone or left then your menu still up then you have control of when to resume or wait until he quits.
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