Buy It Now Problem

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I've been searching for the Saudi silvers for a while and have missed about 50 of them :|

Whenever I hit buy it now, I get the loading circle for about 10 seconds and then by the time this has finished, I haven't won the item.

Is this an issue for everyone and is there anyway round it?


  • iSptmnky
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    I get this too
  • Legends.1878
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    No way around IT, it's a joke
  • Sam
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    I just had that and lost my coins so hopefully they'll show up in a bit
  • JoresOkore5
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    Okay thanks guys. Looks like I'll just have to wait it out and buy them when the tournament is finished.
  • Slow As Kieran
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    It means you were too slow. Some of us dont get that :shifty:

    Nah its really annoying because in that 10-15 seconds you don't know if you have the player or not, and you could be missing other ones in the meantime
  • JoresOkore5
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    Haha, I know that I'll miss most of them but some I've literally bought on the hour and it tells me 10 seconds later that I haven't won it :(
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