Toty Ramos

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Anyone played with him and give any thoughts? Looks amazing from stats.


  • Just packed him and played a couple WL games. Had Boateng in at CB before I got Ramos. Might be too early to judge him but he doesn't do anything more than what Boateng did. Although he did save one certain goal with his positioning that Boateng wouldn't have. He's definitely better than Boateng but not 1.4mil better. If you've got the coins to waste then go for it. Otherwise there are other cheaper players that will do the job. If you really want to spend on a CB then you can't do any better than Maldini. That guy is a beast and his work rates are better.
  • Rob82K
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    Ramos is the best defender of the game atm, i play him with Maldini so i could see the big difference, gamechanger.
  • Metalfly
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    The stats looks incredible, the only thing that puts me off is his H/M workrate and height. At 6'0 he's obviously not short, but I've had Desailly, also amazing stats wise, but also at 6'0, and honestly he is not as good as someone like Bailly or Chiellini. Taller players with longer legs just tackles so much better, not to mention the obvious aerial advantage.
  • Carlos181
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    Used him for the 40 games this WL. As his stats described he’s incredible. The thing that stood out the most was his marking, and the ability to win every single damn header. His marking is so amazing that he’s always a step ahead of any forward to intercept any through pass.

    It’s like they fuzed Puyol and Maldini into 1 card.
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