have player prices settled?

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im holding onto sif son and higher rated ifs, i can sell now for profit but do we see them dropping substantially come monday??


  • JorisDB
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    edited January 2018
    I can't see the SIFs/IFs drop that much actually, there are only more coins beind added to the market with loads of pack openings and no more SIFs/IFs (unless you have SIFs/IFs from this TOTW).. So I'd say you're quite safe with holding on to those cards and actually see them rise in price. But then again I'm no expert on these matters and the FUT market does very strange things so you could also choose to sell for profit right now (profit = profit, and that's always good)
  • i2-TempZ-2i
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    Market will probably drop initially tonight i think especially with the players that are in this TOTW and TOTY
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