Easiest L I've ever taken in my life

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Went into Div 1 and got paire up against the most insane team I've seen so far in 433(3):
GK: 97 De Gea
RB: 85 Valencia
CB: 90 Ferdinand
CB: 97 Ramos
LB: 91 Roberto Carlos
CDM: 95 Pele
CDM: 90 Gullit
CM: 88 Vieira
RW: 98 Messi
ST: 94 Ronaldo Nazario
LW: 99 C.Ronaldo

full bronze bench. 185 rating. tell me, on a scale of 1-100, how f***ked was I entering the game? Once i figure out how to post images, ill post a photo of it


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