Leverkusen — Young Talents, Old Challenges | Season 03 | JANUARY & TRANSFERS


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  • ASdoZeR
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    Aaaaand there you go. Bayern reinvested all their money :D
    What a first half of the season for Leverkusen. Absolutely killing it in the league and topping their CL group as well. Now you've earned yourself a doable matchup with Roma in the CL and already built a good lead in the Bundesliga. Will be interesting to see whether Griezmann does help Bayern to catch up a bit and if you can keep up this pace up front. Other big teams like Dortmund or Schalke already lost track in the league.
  • Danimal5981
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    You only dropped seven points in 18 games; impressive
  • subpop
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    After the mixed results of November, the team become a winning machine again in December and January to open a 6 point lead on Werder Bremen and 7 on Bayern. The rest don't count anymore. Also top of the group in the Champions League to leave Real Madrid in the Europa League.

    At this point, it's difficult to think that Leverkusen can radically fall in the next weeks. Still soon, but it really looks great and the point record is impressive.

    In the Champions League, AS Roma seem an affordable rival. Bayer Leverkusen have a good chance to advance, although Roma can still be a tough rival any day.
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