Help needed, team A or team B?

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Here is my current team, it plays well thinks it's missing a bit extra on the defensive side of things, attacking wise it's beautiful. Packed Suarez yesterday as well, cracking striker. I have about 1.4 million to play with to improve.


Team A - Features more Icons, cheaper ones though. I like the look of Ferdinand and Maldini at CB not sure on Rijkard. Does he play well at CDM?


Team B - Features a more marquee CDM and more expensive one. Is he better than Rijkard? Planning on keeping Maldini on 7 chem in either team. Heard good things about TOTGS Kimmich.


I could sell Suarez, get about 900k but unsure who I would replace him with. I do have 91 Kane but I've not really had much joy with him at ST, much prefer him CM.


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