Prime Kluivert vs Toty Kane

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Kane worth the coins?


  • iWiggle
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    How would we know?
  • HysxteriA
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    Having used Kluivert and not Kane id still personally hold out for his prime. Better workrates means everything this year imho. He'll feel a lot better on the ball too I reckon. Icons just play different to normal cards. And tbh I don't buy into the whole way over the top boosted stats it's all pshycological. He'll still feel clunky as ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Kluivert just has everything, the workrates, the aggression, the finishing, the height, the heading, he's powerful. Complete striker.
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    iWiggle wrote: »
    How would we know?

  • Lee321
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    Obviously Kane in every way
  • PS-4-ADC
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    Kluivert! 4* Skill moves!! Kane is clunky
  • Lee321
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    Had kluivert and sold him in less then 10 games and does not exceed in any state what so ever but look at the reviews on Kane and kluivert on YouTube and see. With Kane u press shoot button and it’s more then likely in
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