1.1m coins to 99 coins... Finally quit the game!

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I just wasted 1.1m coins on packs and of course got absolutely nothing...

It feels great!!!

EA your absolutely pathetic pack weight has done me a favour. I now have zero incentive to come back to the game, I can finally quit the game and your scripted, cheating BS!

If any of you really want to quit the game but just can't manage it, just say **** it and blow all your coins on packs. The addiction will be broken.

Fifa 18 is by far the worst football game I have ever played.


  • MxM15
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    About the pack weight your are correct. Its rediculous
  • Skely
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    I did that 2 years ago
    It did work and I skipped 17
    But back on 18! Lol
    Still the same game. Nothing changes and I was not coming back... but ea got me...
    Is like a drug!!! Hahaha
  • Choepiechakie
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    Git Gud
  • shearo0315
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    I did exactly the same last February for Fifa 17 and also got nothing. Just done with the game.

    Obviously bought Fifa 18 like the rest of us mugs and here we are...
  • bartsch88
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    Don't waste your coins! I opened a pack yesterday from the TOTY Nominee SBC and pulled Lewandowski. The day before that, Cavani. Just do SBC's, anything good I've ever pulled has been from those, never from buying packs.
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