Anyone tried IF Koubailly

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Looking at getting him only 52k his stats look unreal but I’ve not played against him much? Any good?


  • Mdx
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    I have the futmas version and it's very good.
    1 thing I've noticed. Whenever I give away a penalty it's him. I think because he is so strong he just knocks everyone over.

  • Napoli9
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    I've got futmas and hes great.. as best a defender can be in this game really
  • dylanmx
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    I sold him ez
  • richo27
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    Yep, also did futmas one. Absolutely great, strong as a Tolkien hill giant. Would recommend pairing him with somebody with high defensive work rate. I use Manolas. He does go on vacation up the pitch but it’s all good fun and often wins the ball back high up the pitch. 52k is cheap.
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