85 or 86 Perisic?

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Want to buy him but not sure if I should go with 85 and stick him as f9, or buy the 86 and use as a winger.

Any thoughts/experience ?


  • yures1ka
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    wondering on this matter too, think i would stick him on CAM position, think that i m gonna go with the scream card
  • yures1ka
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    sometimes i think that i think too much
  • Xtrem3 Poptarts
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    He’s a great LM with surprisingly decent defending, but also phenomenal at CAM when I need some goals.
  • GL
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    They’re pretty much identical imo so just go with whichever depending on if you formation switch or nah
  • dylwms
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    I use the 86 at LM,one of my favourite cards this year. He can do everything, his height is handy too for those crosses to the back post from the right.
  • MorrisMajor
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    Have had the scream card since it came out he's scored over 100 goals for me in 160 games and that's from CM position! Long shots for days and great finishing arriving late into the box! But like others have said depends if you're using wingers or not cos the stats are almost identical- although the occasional scream boosts throughout the year are nice when they come he goes up to an 89 I think!
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