86 Gullit

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Is he better then the likes of Pogba,85 Blanc etc.?

He's 1 million now.


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    Not worth 1 mill
  • He’s fantastic, can’t even imagine how the 90 version is

    He’s way better than Pogba, Vidal, Nain etc. He is way better in cm than even his stats suggest, is he worth 1 million? Not if you only have 1.5 million but if you have enough coins to get a top side around him then he’s well worth the doh, if you are looking for a star player in an average team spend the coins on a striker imo
  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    I had him a while back and only got rid of him to do prime Henry. Ive been saving to get him back ever since. 100% worth it.
  • razor_ro
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    The 3 star skills killed me, I would get baby Vieira over him any day... I would say he is worth 750k-ish.... not worth 1M
  • xeqepex
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    Definitely worth
  • weims
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    @SupaNoodle1990 loves him
  • Il THE WOLF lI
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    Baby Blanc is too OP and is nearly half the price to avoid.
    3970 posts National Call-Up
    Baby Blanc is too OP and is nearly half the price to avoid.

  • SupaNoodle1990
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    weims wrote: »
    @SupaNoodle1990 loves him

    I do. 10/10
  • nathswfc
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    great as a RDM next to 90 petit in a 4231
  • paw14
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    Stamina not an issue as a wide CM in 41212 (2)?
  • Scutch
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    Have to admit, he ripped me a new one in WL in one game over the weekend. Couldn't touch him, basically controlled the entire midfield with his distribution and possession. Everything went through him.
  • Agent VZ
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    Decent card but staminas a major let down.
  • FubarRipper
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    Stamina is a let down as stated above but he is definitely worth it. I bought him at 1.3, had several chances to sell him but i am not going to part with him :)
  • Absting159
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    You need to use him the right way. His long shots and bruising ability in the midfield are where you can absolutely ABUSE how good he is. I use him as a central CAM or central CM with stay forward and Outside the Box on crosses.

    What this does, stay forward seems useless as he's always in defense anyway, but Outside the box has him setting up for the long shots. He'll hover, do hold up play, and play like a false 9 until you get people around him. On 1-2's is where he's brilliant. If you can get a nice one two and let it rip, he's clinical!

    I do agree, price is a killer. . .its making me cry he's so low now. I've had him since mid december and got him at 1.4 :(
  • coatsy
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    What is he like in comparison to the 90?

    I bough the 90 but kinda regret it, I could've got this card plus 5-6 other icons. Kinda puts it in perspective.
  • MyRoomsMessi
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    Used him at CAM for a few months. Great player but wasn’t worth the coins for me seeing as I’m getting on better with baby ADP. Great CM though.
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