Harry Kane SBC

Has there been any notification to why the requirements of the SBC where changed? I spent the time get a card that met the requirements only to have them changed without any notice. Support has said that SBC requirement do not change though this no longer seems to be the case.


  • Absting159
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    Using the cards obtained through the Hunter mode were obviously not supposed to work. EA quickly fixed this. Unfortunately, they aren't as quick to fix actual gameplay issues.

    Sorry for your luck.
  • Mealhouse
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    Using Dele Alli IF also not suppose to work but it still does.
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  • Martythedoc
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    Mealhouse wrote: »
    Using Dele Alli IF also not suppose to work but it still does, EA apparently didn't bother to fix that?

    They want it to be expensive. Journey cards are free. Dele IF at kane special card prices.

    Now obviously EA can't read since it says 'kane special item' in the description. So when the could have used a squad rating of 15 to exclude Alli but keep all Kanes they didn't.

    Overall it just shows the overall laziness of EA. First the lazy 4g patch, now this - they had 2 weeks minimum to plan the SBC for POTM
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