Rare Electrum Players Packs

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Noticed that these are back and store and wanted to raise this point:

Rare Electrum Players Pack: 30k - 6 Rare Gold Players, 6 Rare Silver Players

Prime Gold Players Pack: 45k - 6 Rare Gold Players, 6 Non-Rare Gold Players

Effectively you are paying 15k more for less buying PGP packs, as in most cases 6 rare silvers are worth more than 6 non-rare golds.

And the above is based on a best case scenario as you aren't even guaranteed gold players in the prime packs.

Just seems the pricing is completely off. What do people think, are the REP packs actually quite decent value or are the PGP packs just a complete rip off?


  • truegunn3r
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    These daily promo packs a week early before TOTY is a way to snatch the FP that most people are sitting on. So many people bought FP because they expected a TOTY on Monday 6pm GMT. Now they are sitting on them for another week.
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