How’s Neymar this year?

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    Destroyed me when I played him if that helps. Lol
  • Maverick
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    Used him LS in a 41212. He was very good.
  • DiegoNapoles
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    IF Ney in cam spot is the best card i’ve used this year, NIF Ney is good but not as effective imo
  • I’m going to use he OTW when I get home later today for the WL. But playing around with him yesterday, he felt superior to the NIF. I’ll be using him at CAM.
  • Rb10119
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    wait for toty
  • Legends.1878
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    Rb10119 wrote: »
    wait for toty

  • Sean2On
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    NIF was good. His double 5* make him very effective going forward.

    Only negatives are his long shots and my 10 year old niece is stronger than him.
  • SSL14
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    The otw is lethal. He reminds me of Fifa 14 messi, dances around defenders, almost uncatachable due to his electric pace bursts, and the 5* wf/sm makes him nearly the complete player. His finishing is lethal inside the box , he's a real game changer. Only seen 1 other side have him besides myself.

    If he can get just 1 more if, the otw/if card would arguably become one of the best cards in the game, which he isn't far off already.
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