FIFA 19 or future update wishlist.

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A few things I'd like to see in fifa 19 or even on the next update to make the game more authentic.

1. Teams kicking towards there favourite end of the pitch in the second half such as teams like Liverpool who never can kick towards the famous KOP in the second half on the current FIFA not allowing you score that last minute winner infront of the KOP.

2. Alot more stadiums!!! Since FIFA got the licensing to put all premier league stadiums on the game there has been a real drought in stadiums and even in some cases we've lost some popular stadiums such as the Nou Camp and the Mestalla. It would brilliant if fifa could get the licensing for other leagues and add all stadiums such as La Liga, Bundesliga, ligue 1 and Calcio A or even the English Championship. With career mode being a personal favourite this is a big part of making the game feel very real and enjoyable when visiting each individual stadium when making your way through a season on career mode making each game feel very different.

3. Think this has been done on a previous FIFA but I'd love to be able to mix and match your teams kits to stop clashing and again making the game more realistic. An example is teams like chelsea who don't always play in white socks with there blue kit, sometimes there required to play in all blue also spurs sometimes play in all white or navy socks instead of white.

I know some of these things don't bother some fifa users but to others these changes would brilliant for the authenticity of the gaming experience.

Many thanks.
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  • I think 3 would be difficult but I definitely agree it's a troublesome issue. Especially when the opposition goalkeeper's shirt is the exact same color as your teams. Also making My Player Career Mode more intuitive and interesting. I'd like to see more investment put into that section of the game, specifically bringing back GameFace, making a bit of a story revolving around your created player as opposed to being given a player like "The Journey," and the ability to captain your side one day after proving yourself.

    In FIFA 09 one could work their created player up from reserve to full captain of the first team. I really enjoyed that idea and would love to see it make a return in some capacity!
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