Cosmetic Idea for Pro Clubs - Win for Customer & Win for EA

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I think many people have suggested this but i want to bring it once more.

As you know many people tries to change the look of their player by getting help from "virtual look like" videos at Youtube. However, the customization hub is very limited and when you try to change your player face to Ronaldo, you end up looking like Jackie Chan.

This is why EA should put bronze, silver and gold player packs like FUT but will just include the player models that is used in game now without their stats. When you open a pack and get Gullit for example, you will have the option to use the Gullit's exact same model (hair, moustsche etc) in the game without their stats.
These cards will accumulate in your pro club library.
There will be auction house also like FUT which you can buy the look of any player in the game. You will be able to change the weight and height but the customization hub at pro club will be closed if you choose to use real player look like card.
There should be an "enable-disable" option at customization hub so if you dont want to buy pack and customize your player your own, it should allow that.

I think its a win win situation for customers and EA.
EA dont need to put an extra effort to generate cash from this option as the player models already included in the game.
At customer side, you can get many player look in your library including icons. If all of your team support one club in real life, you can play by the look of these players or if you like the era of "the invincibles" you can play with the exact look of Bergkamp, Pires, Henry and Vieira.
The best side is if you dont want to spend anything, you will be free to customize just like today pro club system by "disable real player model" option from pro clubs.

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  • I've literally just posted the same thing, I don't think it should be done with packs though, I think you should just be able to buy the player you want - a little like the fortnite shop. Packs have taken over the world man, and you get no one good in them anymore. If they did packs for clubs I'd want it to be a guaranteed legend player every 6k points or something.
  • Ertrko
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    As long as they give the customers to use the player models in game including icons, it is acceptable. However, it is funny to ask this from EA when they care nothing about pro club mode. This mode is such open to improvement that it can even be a separate game from Fifa.
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