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Olympiakos just got a new player Kevin mirallas and he has 80 over all and the possession he plays rn he is higher rated than the last player who played there.What I’m trying to say is that the players might get increase to their over all but the team stats are staying the same can u plz fix this?? And plz if u could add Greece superleague!! It’s much better league than a lot other leagues that there is in FIFA 18. If u can’t plz do for the rest of the world teams to get the live upgrades like the other teams in the league get. Olympiakos and many other teams of Greece deserve to have a league In my opinion. So plz do something about that.thx
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    You must be dreaming. Who told you EA officials are on this forumn or read what we post up here? They're apparently not here, sorry.
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