OTW Neymar Or 95 Messi?

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I'm really undecided and looking for some advice on this. Cheers guys and gals.


  • Socalj11
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    Messi for me. I just prefer his style
  • torakun
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    definitely messi.
  • JoyW
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    Definitely Neymar, will surely get a new IF and the chance he is in TOTY drastically dropped because it is voted now. So it’s a good investment too and in the end you can buy a way better player back.

    Last but not least he is so smooth! Weaves easily in and out defendings to tear them apart. You won’t go wrong with him.

    Messi feels like a little baby compared to him, sadly
  • Lcfc
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    Messi 100%
  • Fifababy
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    Had Messi at ST and did not do it for me did not fit into my team at CAM which is where he would of worked better. If buying him purely as a central ST there are better options.
  • darkhan
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    i have otw neymar he is insane and likely to get ifs soon
  • SSL14
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    Split decision then. Neymar's long shots and composure are **** poor next to messi's. Those are game changers for me. Think I'll stick with messi card.
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