New Toys... (strikers) Help!

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I finally got around to trading a bit recently and with the coins picked up IF Firmino, IF Willian and IF Arnautovic.

I will start by saying I only play for fun and only play with players I like IRL and my team is built around Liverpool players.

Currently it is my Midfield which is the weakest and up top I think I'm as strong as I can be with the players I enjoy to use: POTM Mane / IF Coutinho at LF, OTW Salah and IF Willian at RF.

The question I have for you all is do you think it would improve my team if I bring either Firmino or Arnautovic back into Midfield as a CM. Midfield is currently FUTMAS Wijnaldum, Hendo, Lallana.....

My other striker is IF Raffael (86) that I play between Coutinho and Willian so he gets full chemsitry (as only 2 links).... I could also convert him back to CM and then alternate Firmino/Arnautovic up top between my 2 main teams....

So to conclude! Arnoutovic, Firmino or Raffael - who should I convert to CM and why?!


Oh and @EA_Andy - we know you are reading - so rather than stay silent - why not just write; Sorry - EA have no intention of updating the price ranges on Switch. Is it really that hard? Or are you working on changing the shade of yellow on one of the 800 balls we have the choice of using?!


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