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Serious question. Is there something I'm not doing? my players only seem to intercept if the ball is going to them, whilst my opponents seem to have an ability to get infront off my man all the time!


  • paul24878306
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    Same problem for me - although mine dont intercept even if its going to them.. I think there just pressing tackle (slide normally but can be standing) before you even even make the pass trying to anticipate the move. This seems to work 95% of the time even if you delay the pass - if you spot it and try to do something else, they get up super quick (whatever button that is - was brought in in 15 I think) and are on you before you player has adjusted.

    Its just the state of the game that this works so well.
  • Thrillho
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  • Retro_G
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    Same issue, it's because you're behind the play due to connection.
  • Layton8212
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    They could be using high pressure and cutting passing lanes, play the ball around more and dont be scared to pass back when pressured. It frustrates them, i always go defensive counter in them situations
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