Morata & Lukaku OTW price next IF

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What do you think the Morata and Lukaku OTW cards will be mid week when they next get an IF.

Morata Currently at 195 ish, 400k?

Lukaku currently 480k, 800k?

Or are you of the opinion they won’t get another IF or special card?

Disclaimer: I have 2 moratas and 1 Lukaku, but rotate them both into my starting 11.


  • Tommygunn
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    The problem is they’ve both had 1 IF so are going to need min 2 goals for their next IF. That isn’t looking likely for either
  • tube11
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    First they have to get an IF (highly unlikely with how Morata is playing).

    Also they will never go that high. Morata 400 k... I mean a SIF Morata would certainly be under 200 k. Hype will carry his OTW to maybe 300 k before the team is in packs. Afterwards it will drop to 220 k imo, 250 k max.

    One thing is for sure. Holding the OTW at 6 o clock is a big mistake. Ederson for example dropped from 150 k to 85 after the IF was in packs. Now it's 100 k.
  • Tommygunn
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    I doubt it’ll drop that low for what would be an 87 rated otw. He’ll go 300 odds and probably drop to 280
  • M_Baller_15
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  • WarrenBarton
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    Pair of Emile Heskey’s
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