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Are the league SBC's worth doing?

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If so which ones are best?


  • Brownie1524
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    It's all a matter of luck.
  • BuffonJuve93
    1175 posts Professional
    I've done three of them, and I can say that I'm actually satisfied with the results. I haven't pulled anything worth much, but I haven't really wasted coins - normally get a couple of players that make me recover some of the coins that I have spent.

    From my experience, I can tell: Quaresma is very good, but what I actually like the most about him is that I need IF Talisca for chemistry, and man, the Brazilian is a machine!

    Promes would make you think of Reus, stat-wise. But they are very different. I'm not such a big fan of Promes, but he has something special on him.

    I finished the MLS SBC with players I bought months ago, started with 12k (plus the MLS players, I had to buy some more because of formations or incompleteness), but even after all the expenses i ended up with 66k, which is a decent profit - let's say, I got my investment back. And Giovinco is very good, VERY. I play him with Altidore up front, Valeri as CM (I have Pirlo but I'm not touching my other team), Promes as RW, and the team is a joy to use. Altidore is fantastic
  • Matt_Cornwall
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    I spent an evening doing Al Soma last week from scratch and actually made coins without any big pulls. The card is excellent as a CAM or ST sub as well.
  • Shade98818
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    Al Soma is cheap and not bad. Promes looks insane stat wise, and Hamsik looks to be an insane card.
  • Pauldejong6
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    I did:
    1) Quaresma, hes in my main team since the start (10 chem thanks to Rui) and with hunter hes phenomenal for me. Speed, 5 star skill moves, really good finishing. Very nice player to use.

    2) Promes, as a Dutch I had to pick him up. Using him as a sub. Hes good, scored over 100 goals for me mainly as sub ST.

    3) Al Soma, this is a truly fantastic card. Hes my ST (10 chem in 4-5-1 with Rui and Hagi as Cams) and he can do it all. Topscorer of the team every weekend. Must get, even if you can only use him as a sub. His stats are better than Lewandowski for example, and Saudi sbc is the cheapest of all.

    4) Giovinco, looks like a fun card. Hes no Al Soma but ill make a fitness team with him, 91 Pirlo and futmas Allessandrini.
  • weims
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    I’ve done all of them.
    Promes is good enough to be in my team still, Younes and Quaresma are both fun to use but maybe lacking a little in end product
    Cavani is top notch if you like that ilk of striker

    But most of all opening packs is fun :lol:
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