Rui Costa at CDM?

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Currently play him as a central Cam in a 4231. But I cannot get on with Matuidi, so I’m thinking dropping Rui in and bringing in another Cam?

Can anyone suggest anything for me?


  • AliasMaurice
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    Matuidi is a Don. If Allan is another good shout at cdm

    Rui costa would be wasted at cdm. I know.
  • BestFutPlayaEver
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    I use him at left cdm in 4231. He is really good for me. Strong enough. Plus his passing and drives from deep make him OP.
  • LovelyVillain
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    Rui is a fantastic CM because his Interceptions are really high for a a player with his offensive capabilities and his strength is great too. With that said, I think he would not be a good CDM. There are many very cheap CDMs to choose from, why waste Rui there? The best performances I have ever gotten from him have come as a RCAM in 4222. I find that CAMs in that formation drop a bit further back and occupy a space between CM and CAM in most formations. You can try Matuidi with Shadow, Cut Passing Lanes, and Stay Back in Attack. That is the best way to use Matuidi IMO because it plays to his strong points: he can boss the center of the pitch, he can create space with his decent dribbling, and most importantly, he can start a deadly counter with his ability to control the ball and let players make runs. You have to really utilize his skill set and then you will see him for the boss he is. Just don’t expect Matuidi to do things a CAM would do and don’t dribble too much with him, just enough to create space and dictate the pace of the game however you want!
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