what's with the finishing of the AI?

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I'm playing a manager career mode, and I have upped the skills of the AI to 100 of finishing. I play world class and sometimes legendary, and the AI is brilliant - passing the ball around perfectly - but when they get close to the goal, they send it wide over. WTF? I seek challenges, and I thought it would come with wc or lg (started with professional), but they can't score? I now just let them pass by me, 'cause I know they'll just send it up on the stands. Even Messi finishes poorly. This is ridiculous! In Fifa 2017, I was having trouble keeping up with wc or lg - what happened?`



  • Dusty89
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    if you up your goalkeepers skills to 75/80 then that seems to make the AI better at shooting and scoring pretty good goals
  • Runkeldunk
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    Thanks for the tip, but I found a better solution. The slider language is incorrect, might be a translation issue, so you actually need to do the opposite and lower the slider to zero - that makes the AI much better at finishing.
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