Need Help- Gold 1 and Getting Worse at the Game!

I don't know what it is, but I got to a certain point where I thought I could move into Elite and now I'm going backwards. I struggle to defend and score. My goals come off lucky bounces or user error and my defense is terrible. My opponent is able to clamp me down, but if I try to rush the ball holder I just get myself out of position and leave a man open.

Ive gone to default tactics, then to low low pressure, then to 100 aggression and 100 pressure. No matter what I do I can't generate attacks and I feel like I'm losing the ability I once had.

I know git gud, but wanted to see if any top tier players could share any tips or suggestions. Formations, tactics, videos, anything.

FWIW I have pay to win team: Ronaldo, Henry, Pettit, Naingolan, Vidal. Im stacked and still suck.


  • Matthow1990
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    I had the same thing, everything was the same as before, elite 3 every week then bang 10 wins in a weekend, I couldn't understand... week after 2 wins in first 6 tried a new formation and back to elite 3
  • bigpokey24
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    so what formation are you using OP
  • maksi
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    Just dramatic moments in fifa, you have to endure it until it get back to normal.
  • 1337
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    You got a bad time, I got the same when I was playing csgo like crazy.
    You can do 2 things:
    -Continue to play, you'll get back to normal after some time.
    -Take a break. 2-3-4 days. No play at all.
  • bigpokey24 wrote: »
    so what formation are you using OP

    I use a mix of 41212 narrow, 4231
  • maksi
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    don't play on autopilot, do something different everytime so you're not predictable, that's probably your problem
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