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In need of Team Inspiration - 1m coins

1250 posts Professional
Currently rocking this team:


but pretty bored of it and really struggling with ideas of what to do. As you can see I've got 1m coins but in the above squad the following are untradeable:


Outside of the squad I've got:

OTW Morata
2x Iniesta
Alba (untradeable)
Kroos (untradeable)

and loan icons - 96 R9, Shearer and Deco. Happy to sell all of the above and the tradeable's in the squad worth anything (mainly Kante and Bailly) to finance a new team but just not sure what direction to go. Do I use the current squad as a base and plow the 1m coins into it to improve it, or do I sell up and build a new team. If I build a new team - what do I build and who do I build around? What do you think? Any ideas?


  • Kieren1888
    1724 posts Play-Off Hero
    Im using a trio of Larsson 86 with OTW Morata and Dybala CAM and its class mate. Got maldini 88 CB too who is unreal.
  • Goldengraham09
    957 posts Professional
    is there any player you would like in particular?

    i would personally swap bakayoko and mooy over, and get the Bayern trio (vidal, Alaba, Boateng),
    move company to right centre back and get walker RB.
    could try another legend up top. heard Shevchenko is good but never used him myself. maybe even do the Alan Shearer SBC if you like him from the loan.
    i have POTM Kane and POTM Salah as my front 2 and i think they work well.
  • Dan2501
    1250 posts Professional
    is there any player you would like in particular?

    That's sort of the problem, there isn't really, just looking for a few suggestions of players to try out. A few La Liga forwards I'd like to try (Messi, Bale and Griezmann) but not overly keen on the rest of the league so not sure how I'd build a team around them.
  • Currieman
    4996 posts Big Money Move
    Go for a hybrid. The prices on players are very low right now so you can get some great players like Boateng, Mertens, Mbappe, Nainggolan etc. and you'd have more than enough.
  • Dan2501
    1250 posts Professional
    Decided to do this:


    Welcome to the team 86 Ruud. First time using Gullit in my 3 years playing FUT. Played 2 online seasons games with him. 4 goals and an assist. Tidy. Who should I save up for next?
  • richisdisturbed
    387 posts Sunday League Hero

    Here's my team if you need future inspiration, plays incredible & is so fun to use.
  • Sean2On
    1153 posts Professional
    I was running 4231(2)
    Paulinho-IF Saul
    Ter Stegen

    It was a really fun team to use, but now I’m in your position where I’m bored and have no idea what to do.
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