Touch Tackle from Behind?

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I have some bigger strikers that should be able to hold up the play (Prime Henry, Morata, Ibra) with their physicality. However, in-game when I play the ball to them they have the ball, have their back to the defender, BUT then all of a sudden the defender "touch tackles" (for lack of a better description) the ball between the players legs and their CM / CDM pick it up. Two questions:

1) What button(s) are the other player pressing (or not) to get the defender to do that?

I do not think it is a slide tackle because it is never a foul.

2) As the offensive player how can I prevent that?

Right now I am having to use the striker to run towards the ball / pass but with the other players abuse of the contain button their defender tracks that making it hard to turn and get a pass away, so it leads to a lot of recycling and really makes "hold up play" with an appropriate striker darn near impossible.

Ideas? Thoughts?

BTW: Here is the obligatory 'git gud' There done. Now for the adults to talk ;-)


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