TOTGS firmino vs yedder

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who would you say is best suited in a ccam role in 4231? only 10k difference between them now that totgs firmino dropped...


  • Qbi
    44 posts Park Captain
    Ben yedder outplayed bale in my team, by far. I will sell soon my complete team, besides him.
    I love this card, but tbh I never played Firmino.
    Im a decent player and reach from time to time elite at WL, so may this feedback help you.
    571 posts An Exciting Prospect
    TOTGS Firmino is excellent at cam. I use Ben Yedder at ST and I'm sure he would be an excellent CAM.
  • Yoshy
    201 posts Sunday League Hero
    just grabbed totgs firmino for 99k. dont see him dropping further since the stat upgrade on his upcoming card doesnt look that great.
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