Am I the one who finds 41212 (2) very subpar

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As a possession based player I keep the ball LVG style around the full back/winger area and regurgitate possession around my CBs FBs and wingers to tire down their midfield exploiting the lack of width they have. Because I play 4231 (2) if I lose the ball I'm usually countered with a 3 vs 4 situation where their CAM and STs are up against my 2 DMs and 2 CBs.

A formation I have a much more tougher time against is 4321 but thats more down to my aggressive playstyle


  • Owls4everr
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    I’ll get slated but if struggling getting countered set 2 CDMs to stay back.

    Or improve your defensive players with better defending stats. I was same as you but went and got Matuidi and 9Golan and although not as good attacking as previous much better defensively.
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