Anybody else sold up pre-TOTY?

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What are you guys doing atm with your squad prior to TOTY?

Other than keeping a couple of my marquee players, I've gone liquid in order to avoid getting hit hard during any TOTY crash.

This is my current line-up (with recent sales annotated):


GK: Hando (just sold IF Hando)

LWB: IF Telles (waiting for 88 Carlos to drop a ton or even using 88 Overmars at LWB)
CB: Juan Jesus (sold Chiellini)
CB: Miranda
CB: IF Marcelo (sold 88 Rijkaard)
RWB: Untradeable IF Sidibe (waiting for TOTY Alves....)

CM: IF Allan
CM: 88 Litmanen (keeping although he'll crash)
CM: Futmas Fabinho

ST: 89 Van Basten (keeping although he'll crash)
ST: SBC Promes

I could sell Litmanen and Van Basten but I've started getting a few games/goals on them and they are the spine for this 'Glory-day Ajax' themed side.

Anybody else sold up or are people going to ride out the storm/crash?


  • Joestoe
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    I finally have my dream team, so I won't be selling. Have 1m spare to buy TOTY Modric to replace Rui Costa, or perhaps save up for the really big guys. Hyped anyway.
  • madwullie
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    I got so bored playing with rubbish during BF that I'm just going to take the hit this time. I have just built a 800kish second squad that was maybe a bit stupid, but you're only young once and I really wanted to try out 442 after reading sokker's guide
  • Owls4everr
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    I’ve just bought my team when they were cheap, over last week. Got nainggolan / Chielini / Boateng?
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Definitely not.
  • IxToMxI
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    Can never be arsed to sell got a few untradeable as well
  • GrinWithoutaKat
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    I'm keeping my team. I went 2 months using cheap packed players so I could buy during the BF crash and now I just want to enjoy my team. People could easily spend more time using a cheap squad than their real one if they're always selling before every market crash.
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