Anyone got any Silver teams I can see?

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Been debating a silver team for a while, but I haven't got a clue where to start..


  • Bowden92
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    Don't, thank me later
  • Addicksfan
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    edited January 2018
    I'd recommend mixing silvers in with golds

    I have a fun Scandinavian themed silver/gold/icon team.....plays well in Squad Battles and DKT.....I don't really use it that much in seasons (div 1&2 yoyo player here) as it will just get pulled apart.

    Essentially I use:-


    GK - Prime Schmeichel
    LB - Safari
    LCB - Per Karlsson
    RCB - SBC Reginiusson
    RB - Hedenstad
    LCM - Laudrup
    CM - SBC Christiansen
    RCM - Mike Jensen
    CAM - Litmanen
    LST - IF Pukki
    RST - Larsson

  • Kloral
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    Sadly EA have made silver and bronzes nothing but pack and SBC fillers. There is no reason other than fun to use them.
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