Last futmas ssc

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Any tips for completing this challenge? I tried a few times and always end with chem 85-88...


  • xFATAL
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    My tip: Sell the players and make more than you'll get from the pack
  • JorisDB
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    Do the loyalty exploit thingy, I did the SBC and had to buy 5 new players, but managed to get it to 90 chem exactly by using 6 loyal players I received from earlier packs, but I think you need some loyalty otherwise it's gonna be impossible.

    Also, you can find loads of premade teams here:
  • S P 4 C E Y
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    Loyalty isn't needed. I did it with 6 Argentinians across the mid and attack, and then same club LB-CB, CB-GK, and a random RB
  • Realist
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    I did it with perfect (club and nation) links between full backs and wingers as well as the strikers. Then green links between cbs. Green links between cdms and any keeper. Had to buy a couple of weeks players to get the perfect links tho.
  • Janoe1
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  • GuardianUTD
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    Think I got lucky with this. This was my first SBC bar the tutorial and I'm a lazy player that quick sells all players of no value, only having my starting 11 and bench.

    So I had to buy the entire team, spent around 15k. Packed Hamsik who went for 21k. Can't complain when I've seen people spend a lot less than I did on the team and still not make their money back.
  • Lebron82
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    Thanks for the input guys
  • the_boss_gurveer
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    Janoe1 wrote: »

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