OT: The XBCC Weight Loss/Get Healthy thread

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Well, it's that time of year lads... to set goals and try to stick them.

Any interest in a "support group" thread?

Any ideas on how to make it most effective?

My current weight: 200 lbs
My goal weight: 170 lbs
Target date: May 1, 2018

No need to post negative/joke comments (as tempting as that may be). If you aren't interested, please move along....


  • Currieman
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    Current weight: 13 stone 8lbs.
    Target weight: 12 stone 6lbs
    Target date: As soon as possible.

    Proper went for it over Xmas, ate so much food. It was bliss. Limiting the amount of calories I eat per day always results in me losing weight (obviously) so it's not gonna be hard. Done it many times before.

    Haven't really played any Football for the past 3 weeks earlier which hasn't helped. As soon as I get back into it I'll be fine.

    Good luck with your target mate!
  • ORANGEeffect05
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    Deleted dupe thread
  • LFC Simon 98
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    Good thread idea this. Good luck with all guys
  • ORANGEeffect05
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    Down about 20 pounds myself with good eating (mostly portion control) and hardly drinking. Bit of exercise mixed in as well and planning to get on my mountain bike and trail run more as the weather gets warmer. Not that I was that out of shape but just wanted to be healthier generally and fit in that wedding suit :tongue:

    Height: 6' 1"
    Was: 205 lbs
    Now: ~180 lbs
    April 14th goal: 170 lbs
  • DoD_Jester
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    Current wieght: I dunno I'm afraid to look

    Target weight: less than I so now

    Target date: yesterday?

    I dunno, I need to lose some wieght though, I'll get cracking next few weeks or so
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