SPFL/Scottish Lounge - Banned Players Draft

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Finally we're back with another draft!

As you all know, 36 players have been banned. 9 from the 4 areas of the pitch. Therefore these players are unavailable for selection for the duration of the draft. Other than that, it's open season. You do not have to worry about any other barriers to selection.


We're all familiar with it but just a reminder...

There is a 4 hour time limit for each drafter to pick a player. As soon as the drafter before you picks their player, you then have 4 hours to make your selection. This window closes at midnight and reopens at 8am. Therefore if the drafter before you picks at 10pm, you have until 10am to choose your player.

If you fail to pick a player within the 4 hour window on more than 1 occasion, you will be removed from the draft. So make sure you PM another drafter with your next pick, and one or two back up players , if you know you will be busy.


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