Anybody help me finish this team please ?

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edited January 2018
Originally wanted Henry/Gullt/Dinho, but I looked at how bad the rest of my team would be when including 3M + players, I don't want to be using Bakayoko or random spot fillers anymore, so just bought this up to now, obviously not used it yet, budget is more than that if need be, got quite a few things I could easily sell for another few hundred k, I just chucked Alessandrini in there for now, he can come out, any suggestions please ?

I've said many times before but I don't play WL and only play the game every now and then, I just trade alot, so the formation is fine ;) I just play for fun, so how could I complete this and make it 100% fun for around the 1M Mark, would be nice to keep some change aswell if I can



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