Are the Futmas SBC's profitable?

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I've already done the daily Futmas SBC and I was wondering if the others are worthwhile, if so which ones?

For example the tradeable TOTW upgrade, 81+ double guarantee, TOTW 15 Upgrade etc.



  • ml1dch
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    Depends on which player you get.

    But almost certainly not.
  • Edward220967
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    No but they are addicting
  • Behnam_12
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    Did one, got IF Lozano. Pretty happy with that. Seems like a great player. Not worth doing so much IMO if you don't have lots of 83-84 in your club already and is happy giving them away. I just used whatever I got from the daily sbcs tbh, never went out and bought a player.
  • RobBanner
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    Thanks guys, i'll give them a miss!
  • maximilson
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    Coins spent vs value of the packs is absolutely worth it.
  • ml1dch
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    maximilson wrote: »
    Coins spent vs value of the packs is absolutely worth it.

    He's not talking about the daily ones.
  • QuinnUK87
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  • Pieman25
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    I did about 5 of the Premium PL Upgrades and got Otamendi, Mustafi, Azpi and David Silva using untradeable scrap from my club so happy with that.
  • Ryanomates
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    I spent around 90k on the La Liga upgrade, I now have the IF Athletic keeper, Asensio, Aduriz, Koke, Juanfran, Dego Lopez, Casemiro plus 300 odds la liga players (almost 15+ per team including silvers)

    Im all set for the La Liga league sbc now. I just need a handful of players from barca, real and atleti.

    So for that reason its worth it, but if you are hoping to pack good players then they're not worth it.
  • fluffymnuffy
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    Probably not now, but a tradeable TOTW pack next week might be and PL Premium Upgrades certainly will be and they don't expire until Friday
  • RobBanner
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    Thanks all.
  • maksi
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    ml1dch wrote: »
    Depends on which player you get.
    that's why is stupid question if SBCs are profitable

  • SmokeSwift1
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    No cause they are untradable and useless if you can't use them. EA only do this so people lose all players they got from packs they get. Wait after everything and sell your players. Not worth it except tradable 81+. Wait for a sick team of week and open it
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    It's all luck I got Boateng last night so not expecting anything tonight.
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