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1) I am never passing to nobody, especially when I can see the open person on the screen in front of me
2) Pique is never as fast as full Chem Hawk Bale, especially if Pique just missed a tackle
3) If my defender gets the ball in his box, my other defenders do not need to try and take the ball
4) When making me miss empty nets to add ‘dramatic moments’, please have it miss past the post I am aiming at, not the other one as that is too obvious.
5) if th player I am controlling and I press standing up tackle with does not touch the ball I do not want the defender who does get the ball first to boot it out of bounds. Especially if it is late in the game and I am down a goal
6) When my opponent is counter attacking I am switching to the midfielder near the play, not my striker off screen
7) when the opponent misses a tackle and my winger is running free into space I do not want him to veer toward defenders but rather into the wide open space I just sent him to. Even if I am up 3 goals
8) if I am to lose, please don’t make it be to the guy who keeps misusing offside trap and leaving Bale and Ben Yedder one on one with the keeper.
9) what does 99+ finishing mean if they can’t hit the target? I get a keeper saving them, but missing the whole goal?!?
10) any other suggestions?
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    11) refs should be consistent game to game. Personally I would do refer calling the game tight since I play possession but whatever it is make it the same. It’s a computer simulation, the human error element is not fun.
    12) no one enjoys SB extra time or the seemingly random penalty shootout. Much prefer if SB’s had ties if the score is deadlocked.
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