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So before anyone says that I've wasted £100's on packs I haven't. I've never paid money for a pack in my life and even brought the standard edeition of fifa 18 this year.

Basically in the second week of it being out I was doing the Advance SBC and pulled a 88 Viera and sold him for 1.75 million and that funded this team.

It plays very well, I can score goals for fun but struggle to defend. I'm a average fifa player with a very direct style of play (not into fancy tricks). I've only got 40k in the bank and a OTW Sigurdson that I could sell but other than that I'd have to sell players in the team to fund any changes.

Prime Overmars, Kane and Salah are all Untradeable so they have to stay. Thanks for any suggestions and happy new year to all!

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