Hernandez 90

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I've got his 87, just came up against his 90 and it's impossible to tackle him. Would it be wise to upgrade?


  • Spudmental
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    Haven’t used the 87 but the 90 has been immense for me, all round fantastic striker. Great at heading too, scores plenty for me from corners.
  • ha032742
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  • SuperJames9005
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    I really like him. If you have spare coins, go ahead. I once had 85 and then upgrade to 90. He is currently 90 appearance and 150 goals.
  • Foldsea
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    I have him and Al Soma and Al Soma is much better.
    But Hernandez is great @ corners

    Add that hes weak foot is ok if you conpare to other player with 3 weak foot
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