Packs manipulated? My experience with Madden

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So guys I'll keep it short. The big question is: are packs manipulated? I think so. A few years ago, I think it was Madden 15. I haven't played Madden in years, so I was new to Ultimate Team (in Madden). I bought the game after the super bowl, so I was really late. I bought a psn card, I think 50€ to start UT. Guess what happened? I packed one of the best players around that time. It was a special card that got me 240k straight cash. Oh wonder? How did I get this card?
Next year it was the exact same thing. You can't tell me that this is pure luck. Since so many years I payed way too much for FIFA points and never packed anything above 220k. And that was only 2-3 times. Think about it I'm talking about the last years.


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