What is your potential in WL if you win Div 1 with ease?

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I usually get gold 1. 2 weeks ago when I played I had 18-4 and ended up in gold 1.

Matchmaking is one factor and raging as a little kid is another haha.

So back to the question if you win Div 1 with 8-0 or 8-1, potential is enough for elite 3 or Div 1 is just easy?


  • Campino
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    FUTChamps >>>>>> Div 1

    Still should hit G1/Elite though by the sounds of it
  • Yoshi
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    I'm in D7 and I get Elite 1 so you should be top 100 :joy:

    Really though if you can easily win D1, based on previous years. You should be able to get Gold 1 fairly easily. Elite 3 should also be very. Anything passed that is all based on your mental ability which nobody on here will be able to tell you.

    If you can bounce back after taking a hard loss, and handle the rigor of playing 10 game stretches in a row without it effecting your skill, you MAY be able to crack in to the Elite 1 range. Some of the top 100 players and stuff are just freaks but most of us are just pretty decent and can handle certain things better than others.

    Go try so you can enjoy the 3 81 Discard IF's and your 100k pack with Rulli and Sommer as your best players. Its GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
  • DobbyDooDah
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    Should be winning 3/4 games in WL if D1 is easy. That puts it at about 30 wins per week.

  • Martythedoc
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    Should be winning 3/4 games in WL if D1 is easy. That puts it at about 30 wins per week.

    That sounds about right. I'm usually solid div 1 hold, odd win in most FIFA's, I get 25 most weeks , sometimes 27 if I push the full 40
  • Koolfashion
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    Thank you for all the input! Lets see how this weekend will go, if I will be able to play in the calm state of mind, elite should be easy. There is no stress in Div 1, but when friday starts I feel freaking stress few hours before playing haha.
  • Kai9623
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  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    I havnt played much seasons this year so far, but was eventually d1 last year. I got e3 once, a few g1's, and usually g2. I can't keep my head after 4 or 5 games in a row and only finished all 40 games once.
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