Best formation for scoring goals?

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Currently playing 4231 with 3 cams.

I dominate every game, 60% possession etc Occasionally I will hammer someone 5-0 etc I’m in Div 1 but I always win games 1-0 when I should be 3 goals to the good.

Unsure if my chances are not as good as not playing 41212 like the pros are like Boras etc.

Is 41212 the best Formation for scoring goals.


  • CoachDavio
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    Any formation is good at scoring goals depending on the opponents formation. It’s a bit like rock scissor paper
  • Kove
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    3421 probably
  • RayS
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    Personally like the 1–1-8 formation

    In seriousness, the 3-4-2-1 is quite a good attacking formation with the right CTs
  • Owls4everr
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    @RayS I’m alright at defending think I would struggle with 3 at the back though!
  • Stkyfngz
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    4-3-2-1 in my opinion.

    You just counter. I don't like playing possession because it's just so hard for me to score inside the box, literally the goals i score are **** goals.
  • SeaDawgBob
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    4312 and have the WBs set to overlap. You’ll score tons, but you’re really vulnerable to the counter
  • EisenErmin
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    4222 with converted strikers at wide cam positions (Jesus and Gnabry) and play on attacking mentality from the beginning. I rarely score less than 4 goals.
  • Littleland95
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    4-4-1-1 will give you so many attacking options. But you need to be decent at defending as counter do happen.
  • djvkool43
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    SeaDawgBob wrote: »
    4312 and have the WBs set to overlap. You’ll score tons, but you’re really vulnerable to the counter


    To make myself less vulnerable, I set my RCM and LCM to stay back, my CCM to stay forward, and full backs to always overlap

    Use full backs with at least 85+ crossing, and at least one of the ST is big and strong with good heading ability - then set crossing to at least 70 in CT
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